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You or your child suffer from neurodermatitis, asthma, or hay fever. From conventional medicine to alternative healing methods you’ ve already tried a lot. Some unsuccessful, some successful, but nothing has brought permanent cure. You’ ve probably looked into nutrition as a way to get rid of symptoms. Sometimes but not always this has a positive effect on the skin and respiratory tract.

Now you have enough of itching, inflammation, shortness of breath, and all the restrictions in your everyday life. However, you may have begun to feel discouraged and wonder whether there can be a life without neurodermatitis, asthma, hay fever for you or your child at all? “Yes”, let me tell you, “this is possible”.

Perhaps you have come to suspect that the key to self-healing lies within you. I can help you find him. Take a look around my website and if my message and approach suit you, please get in touch with me.

Kathrin Rick

Healing Neurodermatitis
Healing Neurodermatitis