Neurodermatitis therapy

Getting to the root cause of the disease and ending psychosomatics

Neurodermatitis Therapy is right for you if you suffer from neurodermatitis, allergies, asthma, psoriasis, and/or rheumatism and want to be healthy again. I have incorporated my therapeutic practice, numerous training courses, and my personal experience to develop Neurodermatitis Therapy especially for you.

The goal of Neurodermatitis Therapy is for you to get well. To do this, we uncover the individual cause of your illness and its triggers in your life. Then we clarify what patterns you have developed and established in your mindset, feelings, and actions that sustain your illness. Finally, I help you to heal and to return your entire system – body, soul, and mind – back into its authentic form. As you take this path, the symptoms – in other words, the signs of illness – that something is not in its proper order for you, become superfluous.

The course of Neurodermatitis Therapy centers on your self-healing ability, and also depends on whether you wish to come to my practice or prefer to consult me online. Pure in-patient therapy, pure online therapy, and a blend of online and practice therapy are all possible. Price: 120 USD or 95 GBP per online hour, 130 USD or 100 GBP per practice hour. We will discuss your preference as well as the course of therapy in a free preliminary online consultation.

Neurodermatitis Therapy

Feedback on the Neurodermatitis Therapy

My clients report on their healing process

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